The Big Move Begins

This Geekend isn’t just a Geekend — it’s the beginning of a move into a new house for my family and I. As fate would have it, we have a vacant house and an ideal Geekend venue available to us, but shortly after the geek frivolity concludes, we’ll be doing real house stuff like painting and cleaning and moving in our crap.

The move actually begins by hauling most or all of my game collection over to the new place. Today was spent packing down chunks of my garage in Carlsbad, and transporting them to San Marcos, both to be available for the Geekend, and to serve as the bridgehead for Operation: Ubergarage — the construction of my ultimate garage man cave.

Some pictures from the day:

Above is my Carlsbad garage, looking about as bad as it has ever been. Normally we’d make an effort to keep half the garage clear to park one of our cars, but with the pending move we’ve been hurling stuff in here and damn the consequences. On the far side of the pile you can see the shelves and games I’m packing down to San Marcos. In the foreground is an abandoned Heroscape game.

This is the San Marcos garage, (nearly) cleared out and ready for the Geekend invasion. The single car section of the garage on the far side of that support beam is set aside for my game and hobby space. We still need to insulate, drywall, and paint, but it is already a nice space for goofing around, especially compared to the bomb that went off in my current garage. I never want a garage to get away from me like that again!

Here’s one of the rooms we’ll use for gaming next weekend …

… and this is the other.

A day of labor got about half of the game collection moved over to the new house.

It looks like there will be enough space to comfortably deploy a full-time game table in the new garage, even after we bring in the rest of my junk.

Californians live in their garages, but they rarely make their garages livable … largely because of denial that they need to live in their garages. We are past denial and actually trying to make something of the space.

An encouraging start. Really looking forward to christening this space with the Geekend. I have another day ahead of me transporting and setting up on Sunday, but we’re starting to look good.


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