Geekend After Action Report Part 1 — The Geeks!

Geekend 2010 has come and gone and I’ve finally caught up on enough sleep to report about it. Overall it was a low-key but still enjoyable affair. The headcount was a bit lower than we might have liked, but the Geeks in attendance made up for their numbers with enthusiasm, and fortunately we had critical mass throughout the weekend sufficient for pretty much non-stop gaming from Friday morning right through Sunday afternoon. I don’t recall ever running out of booze or meat, or wanting for opponents for any game I cared to play, and that’s not Nerdvanna, then I don’t know what is.

Geekend basic ingredients — beer, games, weapons

My Geekend 2010 report will be broken into several parts, just because it is more pompous that way, but any report must begin and end with that which is most important of all … the Geeks! You are all of you my Geek Brothers, but those who appeared at the Geekend are most brotherly of all. Hear their names! Let them be entered into the Rolls of Shame!

Dramatis Personae Geekus, in approximate order of appearance:

  • Me, that is to say Paul O. — goldenboat, Original Geek & Merlin Figure.
  • Dave E. — Ninja Bob, first Geek on site, laden with games, tables, and chairs.
  • Andrew C. — Cleitus the Black, brought games and one-upped Ninja Bob by bringing burritos, too. And beer.
  • Brian R. — Oil of Robertson, who tempted fate by bringing with him a heretical Mancon artifact, The Manus of Mancon (which he left in my garage, the sneaky bastard).
  • Brian U. — HRH Topogigo, Original Geek, Original King, and the long-distance traveler trophy winner, having come out from New York a second time for this silliness.

it’s good to be the king — HRH Topogigo on his throne, calling from the coast

  • Chris U. — The Ulm, Original Geek, Pope of the Geekend, and the man who paid the lion’s share for food and drink at the Geekend (and generously refused all attempts at compensation).
  • Matt T. — Aqualad, did us honor by camping in the backyard and breaking out some incredibly obscure games.
  • Sean M. — The Gimp, Original Geek, and a steely-eyed gunslinger when it comes to Liar’s Dice. Left his wallet on Saturday night to give him an excuse to return on Sunday, left his copy of Munchkin on Sunday to drive me mad (I suspect).
  • Tom K. — HRH What If?, Original Geek, honorable mention for the Traveler’s Trophy, given that he woke up in Yosemite the first day, then crawled home to Burbank at 55 MPH towing his trailer, and paused only long enough to kick his family to the curb before continuing down to the Geekend. And he brought a potato cannon!
  • Marc-Antoine A. — Gamekiller, a stranger in a strange land when the Geekend began, he came within an ace of stealing the crown of the King o’ Games (but we’re getting ahead of ourselves).
  • Mike N. — The Incredible Shrinking Man, threw us over for some broad at the beach on Shove Night but made up for it by hanging in there all day Saturday, and closing the event out as part of the Dead Dog match of Dominion on Sunday afternoon.
  • Garrett G. — /spit, followed-through on his months-old pledge to appear, played games with good grace, and worked the grill when the Ulm was trapped in dance recital hell. Huzzah!

/spit fills in on the grill — a different kind of “spit list!”

So that is a dozen geeks, fewer than you would like for a Geekend, but the fewer men, the greater share of honour. We had a couple guys bail out at the eleventh hour, or we might have matched the numbers of the very first Geekend back in 1998.

Our numbers diminished somewhat the ceremony of the Geekend (on top of which the Geeker Economy crashed and the qualification process for King o’ Games had to be changed on the spot, but more on that later) … but the quality of the gaming was quite high, possibly higher than it has ever been at a Geekend. As a tribe we seem grayer, slower, but (dare I say it?) possibly wiser for our ten years away from this madness, and the result were some well-played games over the fifty-hours-plus of Geekend 2010.

Of which, more in my next post!


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