Getting Down To The Hard Kipple

Our dreadful yard sale is behind us and the last of the stuff that’s too good to throw away has been loaded on the charity truck.

Setting aside any ruminations on the state of American consumerism and the anchor qualities of material things, it’s good to be rid of these things. Moving from this house is a watershed time, especially for the boys, who are leaving childhood behind and moving into their tween and teen years. A lot of the stuff we dumped were toys.

What remains now is the hard kipple, the mathoms and the misfires of staying in one place too long, of buying things because you were on vacation or you thought it would make a memory, or because you just wanted to delight your children for a short while. I think I’m better than most about getting rid of stuff (and not getting it in the first place), but I’ve still piled up an astonishing baggage train in the eight years we were in this house.

Long ago I put my greeds in a box by deciding that I already owned every consumer object in the world. Those objects are warehoused for me in every city and town, in places called “stores,” where I can withdraw these objects I already own by paying a transaction fee called a “purchase.” With all these marvelous stores already displaying all my games and toys and DVDs and books and electronics and other bullshit in clean and organized ways that I could never better at home, there really was no reason to buy anything aside from bare necessities.

And yet still here I am with all this junk …

Anyway, we’re getting closer. The new place is shaping up. The move should happen in the next two weeks. I am a little disoriented with the bulk of my game collection out in San Marcos but we’ve still managed a few games recently, stuff like Powerboats and Roll Through The Ages. The Golden Age of Gaming I envision for the new man cave probably won’t amount to much, but life goes on.


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