My Carlsbad house still isn’t packed. The move hasn’t even been scheduled yet. We’re crawling across the desert with anchor chains on our backs. There are a million things to do and no time to do them.

So of course I spent several hours in the man cave last night building a Magma Temple for Heroscape.

Yes, I made a Magma Temple. Because what could be cooler than a Magma Temple?

The answer is, “nothing.” Nothing is cooler than a Magma Temple. That’s why I made it.

It’s the closest I can come right now to the still-unrealized ambition of owning a secret volcano base like the one Blofeld had in You Only Live Twice.

The whole secret space program thing that Donald Pleasence had going on is kind of beyond my means (to say nothing of the hordes of jumpsuited Korean minions), so I will have to content myself with a Magma Temple.

For now.

Because NOTHING is more cool than a Magma Temple.



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