Gaming With The Lad

I’ve been working a lot, lately, and spending most of my time with Miles when I haven’t been at work, so I owed Jack a night of his own. In addition to burgers out and a trip to the book store, Jack asked to play some games. Cool.

We knocked off three games of Travel Blokus over dinner, then played a game of Hey, That’s My Fish when we got home.

Jack carved up the ice nicely and isolated my yellow penguins, dooming my colony to extinction while fattening himself on his ill-gotten fish.

Jack next asked for Memoir ’44, but it was getting late and I wanted something that would set up and play a bit faster, so we opted for Battle Cry

I hadn’t played Battle Cry in several years. It was nice to get it out on the table, and I found I particularly liked the look of my set, with its muted board and tile colors and the “toy soldier” paint scheme I applied to the pieces over a decade ago. (In fact I painted this set for the very first Geekend back in 1998, using a then-new “magic dip” technique.) The game has been newly re-released by Wizards of the Coast, and it features more scenarios, some graphic improvements, and a few rules tweaks involving artillery … but I think I like my set just fine.

Jack was less impressed, but that may have had something to do with the lateness of the hour, and with his Rebs coming up one flag short at Chickamauga. He said he likes Memoir 44 better because of the more varied terrain and unit types (especially tanks!), but I got him to agree that we should play one more big scenario of Battle Cry before putting it away.

And so the game awaits in the garage, which is serving it’s gaming function just fine … when I make the time to get out there and use it. Not a lot of boardgaming since we moved in, I am afraid, although I’ve hosted some D&D games out there, and a full-on gaming weekend has been scheduled for later this year.


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