Geek Cave

Spent some time in the garage today sprucing up the game space.

Rita gave me a rug and seat cushions for the cave as a Christmas gift, which should make things considerably more comfortable. Not immediately obvious from the photo is that I moved the game shelves back about eighteen inches to open up room around the table for when we add more bodies to our D&D campaign next year.

Jack and I played some Space Hulk that night.

Yes, it really is that cold in the garage. We are no mere summer soldiers here!


2 thoughts on “Geek Cave

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    1. Excellent suggestions. Got a (reproduction) Nazi dagger and a (real) German helmet (purchased in an Athenian flea market) around the house someplace. I’ll have to dig them up. Would also be nice to station my loyal Punjabi manservant in the corner. Harumph.

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